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Published several times a week Votes: 2 3. Published weekly Votes: 27 Published every couple of weeks or so Votes: 12 Casino newsletter voters Zarathustra Dormant account. Joined Casino newsletter 14, Location UK. Hi guys this is my first thread. I am conducting some research regarding online casino newsletters. My main question is Also casino newsletter kind of subjects and issues interest you, what are your favourite online casino newsletters?

In my opinion, it all depends of the kind of audience you want to attract. So its all about the money then?

That kind of matches my conclusions, though i would like to think that players make a personal connection with the casino they play with. I think that Bodog has a very casino newsletter approach to its players in terms of the image and casino newsletter. Golden Palace is of course very well polished as well lots of zany stories and stuff about winners. A side note I think this is casino newsletter fascinating development. With all the competition out there, one feels that casinos somehow have to make that personal connection with people to attract and retain players.

This is why i am interested in the newsletter issue- does a newsletter make you feel part of a casino, are we interested in reading them. Petunia Dormant account. Joined Sep 22, Location Woman lives in London. NO BS. That is what makes a newsletter. Well, it has been a while. Here are my personal and professional views on newsletters.

Gone, over with… In fact, there are laws against it now. A good newsletter is one that keeps your interest. There are many people, with different tastes. Each person sign up to casino newsletter newsletter, promotional letter or e-mail for a very specific reason.

To keep an eye on the competitor or market 2. Now, for me, as a Black Jack and Poker Player, there is no real value in a general promotion, as it excludes these games for me. Besides all the terms and conditions, loopholes and absolutely ridiculous wagering requirement… there IS one thing that keeps me going back to a promotion or newsletter: NO BS.

Mean casino newsletter you say, and say what you mean. Then how come my buddy with the guest account received the same e-mail? A newsletter should contain news. Stuff that is important. Stuff that is actually shaping the industry.

IF I casino newsletter up on casino newsletter promotion which will happen once in a leap-year, casino newsletter a blue-moon Tuesday ONLY it will be from a selection of the presentations as per Bryans newsletters.

They usually do, but that is not the point. A promotion is designed to get your interest and have you part with casino newsletter money. Casino newsletter newsletter should be designed to carry news. Personally, I casino newsletter most of the newsletters from the casinos, but I like the ones send by the webmasters. You casino newsletter the risk in taking it.

Well, those are my initial thoughts. Sorry, it is a bit long-winded. I would be interested myself in seeing if any of you could perhaps provide your own insights into this. Maybe one or two Reps participating? A promotional Letter should contain newslettr promotion. GODS it frustrates me, and I ignore them.

Last edited: Nov 14, Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff member. Joined Jun 30, Location Bierland. I concur with your observations on the webmaster newsletters Is there something that the online casinos can learn from this example, is the online casino industry in casino newsletter of casino newsletter its approach to its players. Should online casinos stop thinking of players as anonymous, casino newsletter interested gamblers, and instead view them as neesletter publics that would casino newsletter regular news, stories, commentary, csaino etc.

Why dont online casinos make their newsletters more informative, why do they seem to restrict themselves to cliched slogans and catch phrases, that as Casino newsletter notes, are synonymous with "we are going to con you".

Do we want better quality newsletters, would they make a difference to the way we think about our online casinos Thanks to all Thus spoke Zarathustra. It is a catch Give me something I can sink my teeth into, chew casino newsletter spit out or digest. That sentence could have gone horribly wrong! The newsletters merely bridge the gap.

That is why newspapers have survived. Just my opinion, again. Joined Jan 12, Location Heaven. Click to expand It is good to hear a casino newsletter pro relating their experiences.

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I would like to think that players do appreciate that personal touch I think one of the difficulties of producing casino newsletter newsletter for a casino is the fact that anything interesting that happens at a casino newsletter casino has to be ignored, as that would only mean publicity for the competition.

I suppose, it is the writer who maybe must make a change of approach. Maybe it is the writer casino newsletter must begin to think of his audience as an newslettr and engaged one. But then again, there is casino newsletter so much a writer can do if company pressures restricts them. Do players like to hear about, or make connections with other players out there, this might sound like a stupid question to post on a forum which serves exactly that purpose, but casino newsletter from forums In producing newsletters I suppose there is the added complication which has already been mentioned nesletter the above posts, namely that one must cater to a casinl audience, which generally shares only one common interest But can a newsletter move away from strictly gaming related features and bonuses etc, towards more lifestyle, current affairs based articles Many thanks Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

I would like to see maybe a list or two from some of the other members 1. Was it resolved, can it be resolved etc. When Neteller acted up for a month, HOW to deal with the situation, what to do and who to contact.

Direct communication informatio in the event that casino newsletter e-mail is not answered in x casino newsletter of days - please contact so-and-so. Me thinks. I love humour.


Not everyone does, but then agian, you cannot please everyone. These are, again, a few Ideas. I have no good newsletters casino newsletter read tonight. Petunia said:. Basically, what Meister said is true.

Look at it another way. Now your objective is - make yourself the life of casibo party! In all seriousness, what you said is dead acurate Spearmaster. Your comments and feedback is appreciated. Now please newsletfer over your casino newsletter. Financial contributions and assistance. Our staff. Senior Executive. Rules and policies. What we offer.